About Branches of Hogan

Branches of Hogan is a small business run by me, Tim Hogan.
I’m an artisan carpenter with years of experience in woodwork. I have a real passion for creating unique, high-quality wooden clothing racks in beautiful designs.

How I Became an Artisan Woodworker

All of the products at Branches of Hogan are made with my own two hands. But how did I come to be an artisan woodworker?

When I was just 16 years old, I undertook an apprenticeship in furniture making at a renowned cabinet-makers in Lochee, Dundee. After training for some time to hone my skills, I travelled around the UK, where I then worked as a shop fitter. I developed my talent for crafting products with unique and eye-catching aesthetics.

My journey continued on to Holland, where I was employed as a furniture maker and luxury boat builder. There I was able to gain further insight into the many nuances involved in the world of woodworking. Following this period, I returned home to my beloved Dundee, where I worked in the home manufacturing industry.

For the past 14 years, I’ve stayed settled in Dundee and am lucky enough to have a caring wife and two young children who continue to inspire me daily.

Branches of Hogan and the Community

When I first started Branches of Hogan, I primarily served local people in Dundee and the surrounding area. It was heartwarming to receive such an overwhelming interest and positive reception to my products!

Thanks to the great support and feedback of my community, I’ve been able to expand the range of wooden clothes drying racks sold at Branches of Hogan to include a variety of sizes and styles, so that I can meet the needs of my range of customers.

As the popularity of my products continued to increase, I started to receive requests from further afield and I decided to sell my products online. I now provide my handmade, space-saving, sustainable wooden clothes airers and clothes hangers internationally.

Local Materials and Handcrafted Design

At Branches of Hogan, our wooden clothes airers are artisan crafted using hand-selected plywood. The wooden laundry airers are bigger, stronger and will last longer than the cheap, plastic clothes dryers you see sold elsewhere. I also build all of the ceiling clothes drying racks from sustainable wood.

The design behind my products has definitely been influenced by my experiences of family life. I quickly began to realise just how important it is to have a durable, space-saving and economic way to dry your clothes.

All of the products provided by Branches of Hogan are 100% eco-friendly and will last a lifetime. Contact me to discuss custom orders.

What People Say About Branches of Hogan


The service was prompt, clear instructions provided and the hanger is a fabulous addition to our tiny flat! Thank you.

— Pippa

Couldn’t be happier

Beautifully-crafted product. Fantastic customer service. Couldn't be happier with my purchase! Thank you!

— Tamber

Beautifully made

Beautifully made and excellent quality. I bought a wooden hanging clothes drying rack for my daughter. She is delighted with it.

— Angela