Handcrafted, sustainable plywood clothes drying racks

Our indoor clothes drying racks are professionally crafted from sustainable plywood by a genuine artisan.

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Better strength and durability

Our handmade wooden clothing racks are built from only the strongest, natural plywood and are designed to be bigger and more durable than competing brands. Branches of Hogan clothes dryers are artisan crafted to stand the test of time. It’s a fantastic investment for your home.

Save money on electricity

Our indoor clothes airers have been designed to save you money. Running a tumble dryer costs the average household over £80 a year and electricity costs continue to rise. With a one time purchase of one of our wooden laundry drying racks, you’ll receive a durable, lifetime solution for all of your clothes drying needs.

Cut down on your carbon footprint

Using one of our eco-friendly wooden clothes dryers instead of running a tumble dryer could save you 333kg of CO2 use each year. Why not keep your clothes and your conscience clean and tidy? Our clothes dryers are better for the environment and the planet.

Support a local artisan

Branches of Hogan is run by me, Tim Hogan. I’m a genuine artisan with years of experience and a deep passion for my craft. By purchasing one of my natural wooden indoor clothes dryers, you’re supporting the continued growth of a small business who prioritises customer care with quality products.

Easy to install

Our ceiling mounted clothes drying racks utilise an easy to set-up pulley system, which includes 15 metres of premium waxed cotton pulley rope and a cleat to hold the rack at height. It’s simple to fix the dryer from the ceiling using our easy to read instructions which come with your rack package.

Save space

Whether you live in a flat without garden access or have limited floor-space inside your house, or you just want to declutter your living space, using ceiling mounted wooden drying racks for laundry is a great way to save space. Our ceiling drying racks use a pulley system so you can easily move them up and down.

Get 10% Off Your First Order at Branches of Hogan

Order any item directly from our website and get 10% off. Our handmade wooden drying racks come in multiple different sizes and can be designed to meet your requirements. The sustainable hardwood design means Branches of Hogan’s drying racks are stronger and more durable. Order a drying rack today and it will last you a lifetime. If you have a bespoke request, contact us to discuss.

What Our Customers Say About Us


The service was prompt, clear instructions provided and the hanger is a fabulous addition to our tiny flat! Thank you.

— Pippa

Couldn’t be happier

Beautifully-crafted product. Fantastic customer service. Couldn't be happier with my purchase! Thank you!

— Tamber

Beautifully made

Beautifully made and excellent quality. I bought a wooden hanging clothes drying rack for my daughter. She is delighted with it.

— Angela

Discover our selection of handmade wooden clothes drying racks, with eco-friendly design to save you space and money, and get your clothes dry without harming the environment.

Our indoor clothes drying racks and wooden clothes hangers are designed by hand using artisan-selected sustainable plywood. Each drying rack has its own unique feel and style. Steer clear of cheap plastic dryers that are eyesores no matter where you put them and break every few weeks. Instead, choose from our beautiful range of strong, durable and uniquely designed wooden drying racks.

Because our drying racks are handmade, you can request a customised wooden product of your choice by filling out the form in this page. Yes, just send us the details  of what you want and we’ll design you a beautifully handmade woodcraft that speaks both design and function at the same time.

Our wooden clothes drying racks are handmade in Dundee. We ship internationally to any country.